Patrycja Rutkowska-Cieślak

Master of Physiotherapy, urogynecological physiotherapist, certified therapist of Pelvic Floor Exercises accoarding to the BeBo concept

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Urogynecological physiotherapy is my real passion. Having the thought, that I am able to help so many woman dealing with serious problems in pelvic area, is upbuilding! There is no taboo for me. My patients should feel comfortable and safe. I am still increasing my knowledge level to help you even quicker and better.



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Gdańsk University of Physical Education and Sport

I have earned my Bachelor’s degree in physiotherapy at Medical University of Łódź and my Master’s level at Gdansk University of Physical Education and Sport. Studying at two completely different Universities let me put together the medical and active issue of pysiotherapy.

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Training and courses

Completed courses and training:

  • Manual and myofascial techniques in urogynecological diseases. Movuto
  • The scar tissue – complex therapy. Movuto
  • Diastesis Rectus Abdominis (DRA) – complex therapy. Movuto
  • Pregnancy and postpartum time – how to exercise to support mother and child? Med Coach
  • Myofascial release. Rehaintegro
  • The lumbar spine – examination and therapy. Reha Plus
  • Pelvic floor muscles exercise using BeBo metod – I, II, III module. BeBo Polska
  • Modern urogynecology – complex physiotherapy in urinary and anal incontinence, pelvic organ prolaps. Movuto
  • The postpartum physiotherapy. Trenuj z Pokorą
  • The urge bladder – the main issue during urogynecological practice. Mc2courses
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