Pelvic Floor Muscles Electrostimulation and Biofeedback

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Pelvic Floor Muscles Electrostimulation and Biofeedback at the Pelvsimed Clinic – Urogynecological Physiotherapy

Electrostimulation and biofeedback are modern methods of urogynecological rehabilitation that use electrical currents to activate the pelvic floor muscles. At the Pelvsimed clinic, we use the Myo Plus 2 Pro device, specifically designed for this purpose, and each patient uses their own intravaginal electrode.

Electrostimulation is an excellent complement to therapy, especially in cases where the patient has difficulty locating and activating their pelvic floor muscles. During the procedure, electrical impulses stimulate all the muscles, including those that are not properly innervated. This accelerates the process of regaining muscle strength and endurance. Approximately 80% of women experience denervation of the pelvic floor muscles after natural childbirth, which can affect their functioning. Therefore, electrostimulation becomes invaluable support.

Biofeedback, on the other hand, is a valuable form of feedback regarding the effectiveness of pelvic floor muscle activation and relaxation. During exercises, the patient observes the effects of their training on the monitor, which can be motivating. The use of biofeedback in therapy significantly contributes to the consolidation of the achieved results.

An additional advantage of the Myo Plus 2 Pro device is the ability to assess the tension of pelvic floor muscles at rest and during activation. Patients often think they have relaxed their muscles, but the device provides precise information about the tissue’s condition. It’s important to remember that electrostimulation is only a complement to urogynecological physiotherapy, although it significantly accelerates the recovery process of the pelvic floor area. When combined with properly selected exercises, postural correction, and habit changes, it yields the most effective results.

The use of electrostimulation will certainly change your approach to pelvic floor exercises, diversify your training, and contribute to achieving phenomenal results in urogynecological physiotherapy at the Pelvsimed clinic!

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