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By sending an email to us (Pelvismed Adrianna Grobelna-Krajcer) at the provided email address above, you consent to the processing of your personal data (email address, and potentially your name and surname, phone number) for the purpose of responding to the submitted inquiry, in accordance with our privacy policy.

Ladies who are currently pregnant are requested to provide a certificate from their attending gynecologist confirming no contraindications to physiotherapy. The patient is obliged to provide it at the first visit. This is done for your safety! The above statement does not need to be provided by women who are postpartum or not pregnant. For the first visit, it’s advisable to wear comfortable sportswear.

We invite you from the second trimester of pregnancy. It’s the best time to start the right preventive care. We start addressing the topic of childbirth preparation around the 30th week of pregnancy.

We can assess diastasis recti in the first few days after childbirth. There is no obstacle to include pelvic floor muscle activation during the same time. However, the functional examination of pelvic floor muscles (which is done through the vagina) is recommended to be performed around 6 weeks after childbirth or when vaginal discharge has subsided.

From our perspective, absolutely not, but we prioritize your comfort above all. Therefore, we suggest that you decide for yourself whether you want to attend the consultation during your period.


  1. You can cancel or postpone your appointment till 6 pm. the day before your visit. If your appointment is planed on Friday, we can make any changes until 6 pm. on Thursday.
  2. In case of cancellation or postponement within the less time in advance, you must pay a 50% of the total appointment price. We treat this amount as a down payment for the next scheduled visit. The prepayment will be included in the cost of the next visit, and in the case of repeating the above-mentioned situation, it will not be refunded.
  3. Prepayment should be made by bank transfer to the following data: PELVISMED Adrianna Grobelna-Krajcer, number of the bank account: 85116022020000000522097894 . You should send us a payment confirmation via email: . You have 24 hours to make a prepayment from the moment of receiving the above information. Failure to pay in advance, means that the booked appointment is being canceled.
  4. You should be on time for your appointment. In case of the delay, due to any fault of the Patient, the visit will not be extended.
  5. If the delay is our fault, the visit will be extended accordingly.
  6. The payment for home visits is supposed to be made in advance, at least one day before the scheduled day. You will get the invoice via email.
  7. By making an appointment, you confirm that you have accepted the above rules.

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