Marta Szamocka

Master of Physiotherapy, Certified Urogynecological Therapist (PTUG), Specialist in Perinatal Rehabilitation

PWZFz number: 13319

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My passion is working with women experiencing pelvic issues, urinary incontinence, organ prolapse, painful sexual intercourse, and menstrual problems. I prepare women for childbirth, help alleviate musculoskeletal issues during pregnancy, and assist in postpartum recovery. In my work, I utilize the knowledge I continuously deepen through specialized courses. My own childbirth experiences and postpartum issues allow me to empathize with the intimate aspects of women’s health and their needs.

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During my studies, I learned diagnostic skills, how to conduct and plan therapy, the importance of individualized patient care, and collaboration with other healthcare professionals.


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Medical University of Gdańsk

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I have completed numerous courses, training sessions, and workshops in the field of urogynecology, including:

  • Physiotherapy in urinary and fecal incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse. Modules I, II, III, IV, V, VI. Reha Plus
  • Perinatal rehabilitation – an interdisciplinary course accredited by the Polish Urogynecological Society. Module I, II. CEL
  • Pelvic Floor Sonography (PFS) – a new type of urogynecological diagnostics. ECHOKOMPENDIUM
  • ABC of Urogynecology Theoretical-Practical Workshop. Tyszko-Bury Training
  • Basic Kinesiology Taping Course in accordance with K-Active Association standards. Anna Zaglaniczny Functional Rehabilitation
  • FemFit Instructor – exercises during pregnancy and after childbirth. FemFit
  • Functional Osteopathy and Integration. Accreditation by the Polish Society of Manual Medicine. Kinezio Rehabilitation Center
  • Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation PNF1 and PNF2. Kinezio Rehabilitation Center
  • Osteopathic Approach in Women’s Therapy. Module I and II. Tyszko-Bury Training
  • Anatomy of the Pelvic Floor. Practical Course on Unpreserved Specimens. CEM
  • Integrated Scar Therapy. Med Couch

The work of a physiotherapist is a constant learning process, which is why I plan and attend further training in accordance with the knowledge provided by the Polish Society of Urogynecology.

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I highly recommend Mrs. Marta Szamocka. She truly listens to the problem and tailors exercises that made a huge difference after just one month of training. All exercises are thoroughly explained during the sessions, and all questions are addressed. I wholeheartedly recommend her.
I am very pleased with my visits to Mrs. Marta Szamocka, and I wholeheartedly recommend her. The therapy is conducted gently and tailored to the patient. Mrs. Marta addressed my pregnancy discomforts as they arose, allowing me to enjoy a peaceful pregnancy without pain. Thank you, and I will continue to recommend her to others.
I found Pelvismed online while looking for good urogynecological physiotherapists. The reviews convinced me, and that’s how I ended up under the care of Mrs. Marta. During my pregnancy, she helped me immensely, providing a wealth of essential information and taking care of my body to prepare for childbirth. Now, as a mother of a nearly six-month-old baby, after my second check-up, I can honestly say that it’s worth it. I recommend every mom and every woman to find such expert hands because health is invaluable. Congratulations to Pelvismed for what you do! ????????
I am under the care of Mrs. Marta, and I can wholeheartedly recommend her for her professional approach, openness, and commitment. Each time, we discuss my expectations for today’s visit, and I always leave satisfied, knowing what I need to do. Full support in a very friendly atmosphere.

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