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Physiotherapy in Pregnancy with Pelvismed: Comprehensive Support for Expecting Mothers

The 21st century brings about changes, and one of them is dispelling the myth that once restricted pregnant women from using physiotherapy. Now, if the pregnancy is progressing normally, there are absolutely no contraindications that would hinder the use of urogynecological physiotherapy, including massage, Kinesio Tape application, physical exercises, or manual therapy. When choosing a therapist, it is important to ensure that they specialize in working with pregnant women, as this is a crucial element of successful therapy.

Physiotherapy During Pregnancy: A Solution for Many Ailments

During pregnancy, women experience various changes and discomforts. Professional physiotherapy during pregnancy can help with many of these, including back pain, pregnancy-related sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome, headaches, neck and shoulder pain, swelling in the lower and upper limbs, urinary incontinence, which often occurs early in pregnancy, diastasis recti, and pelvic pain.

Urogynecological physiotherapy: Knowledge and Support

A key element of urogynecological therapy is knowledge about the changes in a woman’s body and the reactions associated with them. A physiotherapist specializing in working with pregnant women can adapt therapy to individual needs, helping to reduce discomfort and increase the comfort of expectant mothers.

Pelvismed: a program preparing future mothers for childbirth.

As part of pregnancy physiotherapy, an appropriate training program will be created to prepare the future mother’s body for childbirth. By engaging the pelvic floor muscles, which stretch almost four times during pregnancy and childbirth, the training program will help you maintain proper muscle tension throughout your pregnancy. Ultimately, you will understand how your pelvic floor should work during labor. During therapy, you will learn what changes to pay attention to during the postpartum period, making it much easier to regain your form.

In summary, pregnancy physiotherapy with Pelvismed’s physiotherapists provides comprehensive support for expectant mothers. It is a solution that helps manage pregnancy-related discomfort, offering a professional approach and knowledge about the specifics of the female body during this unique period. Take advantage of urogynecological physiotherapy with Pelvismed and enjoy a healthy and comfortable pregnancy, as well as a seamless return to form after childbirth.

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