Preparation and improvement after gynecological surgical procedures

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Preparation and Rehabilitation after Gynecological Surgical Procedures at the Pelvismed Clinic – Urogynecological Physiotherapy

When we make the decision to have gynecological surgery, it’s important to ensure comprehensive preparation. This involves more than just packing the necessary items for your hospital bag; it also includes preparing your body for the postoperative period. At the Pelvismed clinics, we specialize in urogynecological physiotherapy, which means we help women prepare for surgery and support them in the rehabilitation process. We also provide physiotherapy after gender reassignment surgery.

Preparation for surgery is a crucial element that can significantly impact the success of the procedure and its long-term effects. Together, we learn activities such as breathing, coughing, turning in bed, and getting out of bed in a way that doesn’t strain the surgical incision. Taking care of this in advance will greatly facilitate the recovery period. Learning is much easier when it’s not accompanied by the pain associated with surgery.

Immediately after the surgery, we perform exercises to prevent blood clots, which improve circulation in the limbs and prevent clot formation. While lying in bed, you also go through mobilization under the supervision of a specialist. We also discuss the principles of ergonomics and care for the surgical scar, which is crucial for an effective recovery.

Another crucial stage is late-phase physiotherapy, during which we introduce pelvic floor muscle training, improve body posture, and take care of scar healing. Even seemingly well-healed scars can cause painful discomfort. Therefore, scar manual therapy and mobilization of surrounding tissues are extremely important.

Remember that a cesarean section is a serious surgical procedure that requires professional postoperative care. Under the guidance of a urogynecological physiotherapist at the Pelvsimed clinic, you will approach the postoperative rehabilitation process with full awareness and confidence.

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