Adrianna Grobelna-Krajcer

Master of Physiotherapy, certified urogynecological therapist (PTUG), perinatal rehabilitation specialist

PWZFz number: 21646

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My passion is to help women regain their health at every age and stage of life. This is made possible by improving the function of the pelvic floor muscles and organs – the muscles you can’t see! My goal is to raise awareness among women that issues related to urinary incontinence or pelvic organ prolapse after childbirth are not a reason to be ashamed. We should talk openly about the pelvic floor muscles, which are at the center of femininity.

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During my studies, I acquired knowledge and skills related to diagnosing, planning, and conducting therapy. As a result, I can independently coordinate the process of my patients’ return to health.


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Medical University of Gdańsk

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I have completed numerous courses, training sessions, and workshops in the field of urogynecology, including:

I am constantly improving my qualifications. All the methods I use, comply with the recommendations of Polish Urogynecological Society.

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I highly recommend Mrs. Adrianna Grobelna. She is a highly professional individual with vast, up-to-date knowledge and experience. Her calm and pleasant demeanor makes visits to her clinic very enjoyable. I’ve used her services multiple times and can genuinely recommend this clinic.
The whole pregnancy and post-pregnancy period, I was under the care of Mrs. Adriana. I am very grateful to her for the help and the vast knowledge she imparted to me. I only sought help during my second pregnancy and learned things I should have known during my first childbirth. Having an appointment with a physiotherapist like Mrs. Adriana is now one of the most important things to do during pregnancy (and not only, of course). I also recommend following her Instagram page because you often find answers to the questions that concern you there 🙂
Professional and to the point. I received answers to many questions. Mrs. Adrianna has vast knowledge and a willingness to help. The appointment was comfortable. I received many instructions and exercises to do at home. I highly recommend and will definitely be back 🙂
I highly recommend Mrs. Adrianna. She is professional and explains everything thoroughly. Additionally, she is very pleasant and gentle. I always feel comfortable in her office, and I can see that subsequent visits are effective. Mrs. Adrianna approaches patients holistically and provides examples of exercises that can be done at home. This way, all the efforts start to make more sense, and the improvement in well-being is long-lasting.

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