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Pelvic Floor Muscles Training at Pelvismed – Urogynecological Physiotherapy: The Key to Women’s Health

Training the pelvic floor muscles, first proposed by gynecologist Arnold Kegel in 1948, is an essential part of women’s health. However, this topic is often overlooked by both gynecologists and midwives conducting childbirth classes. Pelvic floor muscles, like other muscles in the body, require regular training to stay in good shape. Furthermore, pelvic floor muscle training should be a priority for every woman, whether she has been pregnant or not. Pregnancy and the menopausal period are the most risky and predisposing factors for damage and loosening of pelvic floor tissues.

Benefits of Pelvic Floor Muscle Training at Pelvismed Physiotherapy Clinic

The proper tension of the pelvic floor muscles helps prevent issues such as urinary and fecal incontinence, prolapse of the pelvic organs, improves sexual satisfaction, and significantly reduces lower back pain.

The primary goal of pelvic floor muscle training is to strengthen the muscles and improve the structural support and stability of the pelvic organs. Regular exercises lead to increased muscle endurance and muscle automatism, as well as teach muscle relaxation. During training, we teach the muscles to react correctly, for example, when sneezing and coughing. Training does not require specialized equipment; the only necessary tool is the time that allows for a moment of focus during the day.

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