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Scarring Therapy at Pelvsimed Clinic – Urogynecological Physiotherapy

Each procedure, incision, or injury leaves a lasting mark in the form of a scar. That’s why every scar requires a detailed assessment and professional mobilization.

During the scar assessment, we analyze the mobility of its individual layers, density, structure, and coloration. We pay particular attention to the relationship between the tissues around the scar and the scar itself. Our goal is to make the scar stop causing you any discomfort. With proper rehabilitation and mobilization, the scar should not cause pain, pulling, burning, tearing, or any other unpleasant sensations during movement or changes in weather conditions.

We perform scar mobilization both manually, utilizing the skills of a urogynecological physiotherapist, and using various specialized tools such as cupping therapy, needles, kinesiotape, or multi-needle applicators. We commence our scar rehabilitation as early as 3 weeks after the surgery. During the appointment, we not only provide therapy but also offer valuable advice regarding scar care and suitable products for its maintenance. A Pelvismed physiotherapist will also teach you exercises that you can perform on your own at home to expedite the rehabilitation process.

At the Pelvismed clinic, we address scars resulting from cesarean sections, incisions or tears during natural childbirth, post-operative scars, and many other types of scars. Our specialized urogynecological physiotherapy aims to restore comfort and full functionality to areas affected by the surgery.

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