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Selection of Pessaries at the Pelvsimed Clinic – Urogynecological Physiotherapy

Pessary therapy is an effective method of support in the treatment of pelvic organ prolapse and urinary incontinence. This solution has been known since ancient Egypt and continues to evolve in the field of urogynecological physiotherapy. In recent years, pessary therapy has gained popularity, especially after the warning issued by the FDA in 2008 regarding surgical procedures using meshes. It was at that time that conservative methods, urogynecological physiotherapy, including pessaries, gained importance.

A pessary is a special silicone device that is placed in the vagina. Its main purpose is to support a prolapsed organ or exert pressure on the urethra, especially in cases of urinary incontinence. The market offers various shapes and types of pessaries, tailored to specific purposes. The most popular ones are silicone cube pessaries, ring pessaries, and soft tampons. Proper pessary selection should be made by a specialist, such as a gynecologist or urogynecological physiotherapist. Such a pessary should be comfortable and practically imperceptible in the vagina. It should not cause abrasions, discomfort, hinder urination, or shift during movement.

A pessary can serve as preparation for a potential surgical procedure, preventing the problem from worsening. However, it can also be an independent therapy, especially if the patient is not interested in surgery. It is also an effective preventive method after surgery, especially if the patient plans to return to physical activity. A pessary is an excellent solution for women after childbirth with organ prolapse who are also planning another pregnancy. It is also effective for women with urinary incontinence and a short urethra. It is well-tolerated, easy to use, and relatively cost-effective since one pessary can last for many years. In the Pelvsimed clinic, as part of our urogynecological physiotherapy services, you will find a professional approach to the selection and use of pessaries, which can improve your quality of life.

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